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SABA members meet with Imo State representatives ahead of visit from the State Governor in 2023.

Imo State's drive to stimulate growth in the agricultural sector has led to transformation in its policies to make the investment climate investor friendly ensuring food security, social, political and economic stability. The sector has seen the implementation of attractive incentives for investors and the need to embrace modern and profitable technologies.

In a bid to improve partnership ties with Imo State, SABA hosted a pre delegation visit to introduce SABA members as well as pledging its strategic support to the Imo State Government, to grow its agricultural sector and assist the state in exploring measures to improve this. The vibrance of Imo State has caught the attention of the UK government and it is seen as one of many sectors in which organisations from the UK can collaborate with the state to realise its potentials.

SABA members who attended the small private meeting included the University of Edinburgh, Roslin Institute and Vet-Intel.

SABA members had the opportunity to meet with Dr McDonald Ebere, Chairman APC, IMO State, Nigeria ahead of a visit by the State Governor to discuss agriculture in 2023. Agriculture is an important aspect of the Imo State economy and it is also a crucial sector to the UK.

Discussion centred on how Scottish expertise can assist Imo State on building a dairy industry including animal husbandry, vaccination, genetics, and farmer training.

SABA members engaged in the energy sector also had the opportunity to have private meetings with the Governor as part of a separate strand centred around key growth areas for the State.

This was seen as an opportunity to set the scene with next steps now looking at an online meeting with the wider SABA agriculture membership with the Imo State Minister of Agriculture followed by a visit to Scotland by the State Governor and Ministry to meet with SABA members in the new year.

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