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Image by James Wiseman

SABA Consult

SABA consult works with member and non-member clients and provides consulting, advisory and training services. Using the vast networks and knowledge of our management, board and trusted partners across Africa, we provide a range of services with a focus on what really matters, to create value in a sustainable and equitable way, in both directions. SABA Consult is the only consultancy in Scotland with a focus on the African continent.

Government Engagement

Through the wide ranging networks of its management, board and partners SABA Consult assists clients with their government engagement across Africa.

Business Development 

SABA Consult works with organisations to open new markets and find trusted local partners for their products and services, including market entry.

Project/Funding Partners 

SABA Consult works with universities, colleges and private sector development organisations to bring in sectoral and business expertise both at the tender stage and during funded projects to maximise impact.

Investment and Finance 

SABA Consult works with a range of investors across sectors to finance projects with a particular focus on energy, renewables, agriculture, infrastructure and mining.

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