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SABA offers a wide range of services and benefits to our members in keeping with our objective and purpose of making it easier to do business in Africa. As well as the services below we are also able to react promptly and effectively to members, realising that each member’s needs are different.

  • Trade conferences for specific countries and sectors

  • Trade Missions which are researched and targeted

  • Round Table meetings with key policy and decision makers

  • Guest speaker events

  • Networking events

  • Access to SABA’s extensive network:

    • Governments, embassies and key policy and decision makers

    • In-country corporate and institutional networks

    • In country and Scottish based advisory and services providers

    • In country and Scottish based mentors and consultants

    • Specialist African focussed finance providers





Scotland has a rich history in the agriculture sector and a global reputation for research and agri-tech, much of which is applicable in Africa. Within the SABA membership we have world leading research organisations, both universities and private sector, internationally focussed agriculture consultancies, agri-tech pioneers, agri-tech IP specialists, investors, skills training organisations and internationally expanding producers, all with a focus on the African continent.


With agriculture being by far the most important economic activity in Africa, with around two-thirds of the continents population being employed in the sector and adding almost 60% of GDP in some countries, but with only about 6% of the available land currently being utilised we believe that there are almost unlimited opportunities for partnerships between Scotland and Africa in the sector.


Scotland is internationally recognised as the energy hub of Europe with a wealth of experience across oil & gas, renewables and hydrogen. SABA membership includes organisations such as  operators, supply chain, consultancies, investors and education and skills trainers giving a unique opportunity for introductions and partnerships across the entire sector in one place.


SABA has hosted a number of Ministerial visits from across Africa, as well as private sector business delegations, to Aberdeen and beyond using a mix of seminars, round tables, private meetings and site visits to encourage engagement and partnerships and introducing the vast experience of the sector in Scotland to the opportunities across the African continent.

Education and Skills Training

SABA works closely with 90% of Scottish universities and several colleges as well as a wide range of private sector skills training organisations which provide education and training across sectors such as energy, agriculture, maritime, healthcare, automotive, hospitality and who provide qualifications at degree and TVET level as well as internationally recognised accreditation.

Through SABA introductions and site visits many of our members are currently engaging in projects across Africa in a number of sectors.

As well as working with our members SABA also offers bespoke local content training to Energy Ministries and national oil companies in Africa in order to train their staff to understand the concepts, implementation and roll out of successful national skills training strategies in the energy sector.


Scotland has a global reputation for much of it’s farmed fish and seafood and is the largest producer in the EU and 3rdlargest in the world of salmon. Farmed salmon is Scotland’s biggest food export which is exported to over 50 markets. Combined with this is an extremely innovative supply chain including research, fish feed, vaccination and new technology. SABA has an extremely active aquaculture focussed membership which has a focus on Africa.

As fish farming becomes more important as populations in Africa increase and many governments have the growth of the sector as a national priority there is huge potential for partnerships between Scotland the continent.


With historical and educational links stretching back decades between Scotland and many countries in Africa in the healthcare sector this is a natural sector for partnerships and collaboration. As well as working with all the medical and nurse training institutes across Scotland, SABA has deep ties with many African networks and organisations with several of our members actively working extensively on the continent.


Scotland has a centuries old tradition in the maritime sector which has changed and adapted in the modern world. Whilst a number of SABA members specialise in maritime and offshore skills training we also have expertise across the sector such as port infrastructure, port logistics, ship maintenance, maritime digitisation and a number of member universities leading the world in renewable energy in the sector. As ports across Africa grow at a staggering rate and countries are prioritising home grown mariners to work in the sector there are huge areas for collaboration. 

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