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Joining SABA gives you access to a range of exclusive member benefits, designed to contribute towards the success of your business. 

We offer a range of business services which are exclusively available to members. These services help members thrive by supporting trade and business growth.

In addition, SABA works with a small number of partner organisations with the expertise to deliver market leading services and has exclusive member to member deals which can only be accessed by SABA members. 

Every member matters. Whatever your business, you can benefit by being a SABA member. 


Whatever your size or sector of business, joining SABA is a great way to access new business opportunities, networking and events, essential advice, insight and expertise – all aimed to help you connect for growth and success.

There’s a SABA membership plan that’s right for your business.

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Gain the insight, analysis and data that inform decisions and lay the foundations for success in Africa.

SABA will ensure you understand what’s going on in Africa and how it may impact or create opportunities for your business.


With SABA, you have access to an unrivaled business network in Africa and Scotland.  With a range of SABA events and meetings offering first-rate insight and networking with key political figures, senior business leaders, and innovative businesses from every sector.


You will make valuable connections that can increase your awareness and reach to secure growth.

Membership ensures you never miss out on an opportunity for growth.


Grow both your brand profile across key markets. Members benefit from exceptional exposure to leading businesses and political leaders - in Africa and Scotland. Members also have the opportunity to attend or participate through a range of activities to increase your reach and awareness.

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