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SABA Agriculture member forum: reflections on the first meeting.

The SABA Agriculture member forum meets to share information on common challenges and opportunities when working across Africa.

SABA members met recently to discuss priorities for the year ahead, where SABA can assist members with their African ambitions and which countries are priorities to target.

We were joined by member representatives from University of Edinburgh, Scotmas, Casammak Aquaculture, Ingentium, Prime Consulting, Napier University, James Hutton Institute, Aqualife, and AbacusBio.

Also in attendance was Elaine Alexander, Board member for SABA with expertise in the agriculture sector internationally.

Members attended in person and online from New Zealand and Dubai.

Underpinning the discussions was understanding the nature and the scale of common agricultural challenges being faced and how by bringing together a Scottish offering we can present to African governments showing the expertise that exists here and how we can partner to transform agriculture through innovation and collaboration.

Central to delivering on these discussions, outcomes will focus on:

  • How SABA members can work together

  • How can we better link into DIT opportunities – including organising a private SABA members meeting with David Burton, Sector Lead for Agriculture, DIT Africa

  • How can we work together, led by SABA, to identify opportunities

Following a productive meeting between SABA members the emphasis has turned to carrying this out on a bi-yearly basis to create the momentum needed to turn agricultural potential into agricultural growth.

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