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We are a membership organisation for stakeholders in Scotland and Africa that exists to create commercial value for its members through introducing and linking stakeholders, managing and organising targeted events and facilitating access to Government bodies and key influencers to match opportunities and projects.

Cape Town City Center
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Cape Town City Center



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If you are interested in creating opportunities for your business in Africa establishing meaningful connections, accessing events, networking and insight, then come join SABA. 

SABA membership gives you a competitive edge through tailored support, insight, events and resources to develop and capitalise on opportunities.

Learn more about how you can join, and the different options available today.

The event was slick in organisation, well prepared and thought through and in comparison to events that are run by other trade organisation, I found yours to be of both a higher quality and also to carry far more benefit after the event. Two direct opportunities have been generated from contacts at the event, one in Decomm and the second in training.

Kamran Ghobadian – Business Development Manager – Aker Solutions

Upcoming Events & Meetings

  • Kenya - High level visit focussing on multiple sectors
    April, Dates & Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    April, Dates & Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    This is the next step in a longer process with outcomes now focussing on a visit to SABA members to hold discussions on cementing partnerships and turning them into live projects.